Why You Don’t Want A Credit Repair Pro To Fight For You!

By Kenneth T. Embry – GoAskKen.com

We Fight For You! screamed the Facebook headline for a credit repair company.

While I applaud the credit repair pros energy and commitment, I question their real focus, their real competency.

Professional credit repair shouldn’t BE a fight.

Credit repair is remedy, not a rumble.

If you are like many Consumers, you have probably struggled with the notion of hiring someone to repair your credit. You’ve probably viewed many ads where people are screaming at you, choose me, choose me…We fight for our clients!

So, I’m Thinking, what is wrong with this picture.

I mean, the real truth is that if you are a “real” credit repair Pro, you know that it is not about fighting, but about understanding what you’re dealing with and using the weapons that are proven to bring about the best results for your client in the most efficient manner.

What a Credit Repair Pro should do.

A skilled credit repair pro gathers facts about the Consumer and her situation, her debts and the issues presented on her credit reports.

After having determined what is negatively impacting the Consumers credit reports, the Credit Repair Pro makes a detailed assessment of four big things:

The Credit Repair Pro should be looking for those credit report issues that might provoke a fight and devise a plan that will keep the Consumer out of a tussle with any party appearing on the credit reports.

Tools and skills for avoiding conflicts include better information, choice of timing and refining the overall short-term and long-term goals

A good credit repair pro uses each tool to avoid the fight and using pre-designed, one size fits all dispute letter templates is not among the tools that should be used.

What potential fights arise with Credit Repair

The most common disputes in credit repair revolve around:

Careful analysis of the credit reports will tell a good credit repair pro where to begin the dispute process for maximum and efficient credit score improvement.

Credit Dispute fights I love

The only kind of fight in the Credit Repair Process that I relish is the fight that a creditor picks with my client when they are dead wrong. The fight usually arises with Debt Buyers and especially with Debt Collectors for Medical Debt. The fight usually arises when the Debt Buyer/Collector does something the law doesn’t allow, but they insist on violating my client simply because that is their policy…

Even when the Debt Buyer/Collection Agency violates my Client by ignoring federal or state laws it can have unpleasant consequences when you are dealing with a Credit Repair Pro.

Because my interest is in a smooth easy and efficient resolutions to my Client’s problems, I will make “one” call to the offending party and clearly inform them of the error of their ways. I tell the party about their violation and my desired agreeable outcome. If there is no agreement reached, I simply take the necessary legal steps to remedy the situation. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

Suing to enforce the Consumer’s rights

The doors to the courts are always open to Consumers whose rights have been violated. And at the end of the day, typically all that is necessary is to actually file a lawsuit in court and the Debt Buyer/Collection Agency usually folds like a house of cards, pays you for messing with you in the first place and they go away forever.

There are many attorneys that will take these types of well documented cases for free, but you are always free to file the case yourself. 

So you don’t have to:

The above are just some examples of what an experienced Professional Credit Repair Pro should offer their clients.

Here at Go Ask Ken, it is our mission in life to educate Consumers to the benefits and expectations of dealing with Credit Repair Professionals. If your chosen Credit Repair professional is not providing you with the expected results that you are entitled to the you should…