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only $7 (Seven dollar).


“If you’re driving a Ford or Honda or Toyota...

Learn how to purchase or lease a Mercedes or BMW with little or no money down for the same or a lower monthly car payment than you’re making now!”

Here’s the secret...

It all has to do with Increasing Your Credit Scores. The greatest strategy for improving your lifestyle is to increase your credit scores. (And it’s much easier than you may think).

In fact, here are 10 bold promises...When you follow the methods you'll learn through this Program...

Benefit #1 

Lower the interest rates on all your credit cards 

Benefit #2 

Increase your credit limits

Benefit #3

Save tens of thousands of dollars in interest on your mortgage payments

Benefit #4

Refinance at a lower interest rate

Benefit #5 

Get approved for credit and loans you’ve been denied for in the past

Benefit #6

Qualify for much lower car payments

Benefit #7

Get approved for no-money-down financing

Benefit #8 

Lower your insurance premiums (that’s right, your homeowner’s, renter's and auto insurance are based on your credit in most states)

Benefit #9 

Get utilities at lower rates and without deposits

Benefit #10 

Know whether you’ll get approved and at what interest rates BEFORE you even fill out credit applications

Did you know you can own a Mercedes for less money than a Ford—your Credit Scores determine which one you drive


Do you want to pay $748/month for a Ford?

With a below average credit score of 615, you’ll be forced to accept a 8.02% interest rate and pay $748/month for 72 months for this Ford Taurus

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price = $31,045


Do you want to pay $728/month for a Mercedes?

With a credit score of 661 or better, you’ll be offered a 2.99% interest rate and pay only $728 a month for 60 months for this Mercedes C230 Sport

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price = $40,509

Nothing against Ford, but why pay $748 for a Ford when all you have to do is increase your credit scores to start driving a Mercedes—or a BMW!


If you’re thinking of buying an SUV, would you rather drive a Toyota or BMW?

When you increase your credit scores, you’ll be driving the luxury vehicle, for less money!

Do you want to pay $675/month for a Toyota?

With a below average credit score of 585, you’ll be saddled with a 16.14% interest rate and wind up paying $675 a month for this Toyota Highlander

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price = $31,680


Do you want to pay $683/month for a BMW?

With a credit score of 661 or better, you’ll be offered a 4.50% interest rate and pay $683 a month for this luxury  BMW X3

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price = $41,096

When you have the right Credit Scores, you’ll pay only $8/month more for a $10,000 higher priced Luxury Car. 

What do you want to pay for this Lexus? $1,047/month or $885/month

This Lexus costs $69,494. On a 5-year loan, with a FICO score of 720 or higher you’ll pay $1,221/month. With a FICO score between 590-624, your monthly payment jumps to $1,649!

Do you want to pay $444/month for a Hyundai?

With a below average credit score  of 585, you’ll be forced to accept a 16.78% interest rate and pay $474 a month for this Hyundai Elantra

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price = $19,150


Do you want to pay $452/month for a Mustang?

With a credit score of 720 or better, you’ll be offered a 3.2% interest rate and pay only $452 a month for this Ford Mustang Deluxe

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price = $27,515

When you increase your credit scores, you’ll...

Pay $152,497 LESS for a new home

On a $200,000, 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, with a FICO score of 720 or higher, your monthly payment is only $1,199. 

But with a FICO credit score below 560, your monthly payment skyrockets to $1,568! 

When you have higher credit scores—over the life of the loan—you’ll pay $152,497 less for the exact same house. 

No matter how “bad” your credit is now—you can improve it quickly with the methods learned in this Program

While there are many different credit scores out there, the most popular score is called the FICO credit risk score. It’s the one almost all lenders use today.

When you apply for a mortgage, buy a new car, apply for a loan at your bank, apply for cell phone service or apply for a credit card—the person (or computer) making the decision will look at one or all of your FICO credit scores. Your FICO scores determine...

Number 1

Whether you get approved

Number 2

What interest rate and terms you will be offered if you do get approved

Unravel the mystery behind your credit scores

FICO stands for Fair Isaac Corporation. Bill Fair and Earl Isaac are the two gentlemen who created the first credit scoring system in 1958. The three largest credit reporting agencies (Equifax®, TransUnion™, and Experian®) use Fair Isaac’s credit scoring model to create FICO credit scores. Each reporting agency has its own version of a FICO credit score.

Calls Their FICO credit score a BEACON® score

Calls their FICO credit score the Experian/Fair Isaac Risk Model® or FICO/FICO II

Calls their FICO credit score EMPIRICA® score

Who uses FICO credit scores?

√ 99 of the 100 largest banks in the United States use FICO credit scores

√ 9 of the top 50 U.S. credit card issuers use FICO credit scores

√ More than 400 insurance companies use  FICO credit scores

√ 3 out of 4 U.S. mortgage loan originators use FICO credit scores

√ 9 of the top 10 retail card issuers in the United States use FICO credit scores

√ More than 80 government or public agencies use FICO credit scores

√ More than 100 telecommunications carriers use FICO credit scores

Increase Your Credit Scores—Improve Your Lifestyle

Learn how to increase your credit scores so you can get approved for a new car, a mortgage, credit cards, insurance, or any credit you need at the lowest possible interest rates)

You can sign up for the Introductory Training for only $1 (One dollar). 

One of every five American consumers has an error on his or her credit report and 5 percent of us endure errors so serious that we likely are being overcharged for credit card debts, auto loans, insurance policies and other financial obligations, according to a comprehensive study issued by federal regulators.

"One of every five Credit Reports has errors." So where can you get help?!

Special, step-by-step, charts, strategies and systems you can follow that make it simple to increase your credit scores

If you type “credit repair” or “fix credit reports” into Google™ or any other search engine, you’ll get back thousands of choices. We know how confusing this is because people email us every day to ask which services are legit and which services work. 

But first, you must know what you are up against...

A “do and don’t do” list for obtaining credit reports.

COMPLETE point-by-point summary on how to get your credit reports, including the FULL contact list—with name, address, phone number—of each of the credit reporting agencies.

Examples of the fine print that two of the credit reporting agencies use to rip you off and disguise the fact that you’re buying useless credit scores from their websites.

8 steps you must take BEFORE you apply for credit—PLUS...We’ve included a very simple-to-use Credit Guidelines Worksheet™ that you can use to find out if you will be approved before you even apply for credit.

A question to ask all your potential lenders to see if you should even bother applying with them—If they answer, “No,” to this question—walk away).

A tactic that will help you minimize credit inquiries on your credit reports—Credit inquiries LOWER your credit scores. You need to avoid unnecessary inquiries. 

An inside sneak peek at two auto manufacturers’ rate tiers—These “industry-only” charts show you EXACTLY what interest rates car dealers will offer you based on your credit scores. The public very rarely gets to see this information. And what's worse, most people don’t even know this information exists.

Best strategy for working with banks and even credit unions if you have low credit scores and have been denied credit—We call this the “back door” strategy for starting a relationship with your bank or credit union that can lead them to offering you unsecured bank cards, overdraft protection, and even unsecured credit. 

Five-part breakdown of your credit score—we’ve included a FICO credit score chart that breaks down the five most critical factors that keep your credit scores down. One quick glance at this chart, and you automatically know what you need to work on to increase your credit scores.

Negative reason code “decoder”—Most people don’t realize this, but right on your credit reports are codes that tell you EXACTLY what’s keeping your FICO scores low. Simply correct the problem and your credit scores will rise. The problem is, these codes are hard to decipher. So we’ve created a “decoder” that clearly spells out what each code really means so you can see what’s keeping your scores down.

GoAskKenGame Plan Worksheet™—This is a worksheet we developed to help you get a handle on what you will need to do to increase your credit scores quickly.

7-Step Action Plan—Tells you exactly what to do, step-by-step. By following in my footsteps, you can’t go wrong.

Advanced Credit Scoring Concepts, Strategies and Techniques...

Much of what you have read up to this point will help you if you have really bad credit and really low credit scores, But....

If you already drive a luxury car or own a boat or live in an expensive home and want to upgrade into an estate...this course will show you eight specific strategies you can use to accomplish your goals.

Have you been told any of the following lies about your credit?

(WARNING: Most financial “experts” don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to credit scoring...)

The fact is, most people, even alleged credit “experts,” don’t know squat about how to increase credit scores. In fact, many of them tell you the opposite of what you should do. For example, you may have heard that you should...

Leave a balance on your credit cards in order to increase your credit scores...WRONG! Leaving a balance will only lower your scores.

√ ALL credit inquiries lower your credit scores—WRONG! Many credit inquiries DO NOT lower your credit scores.

Close credit card accounts to increase your scores—WRONG! This is possibly the WORST thing you can do.

Add a consumer statement to your credit reports to tell your side of the story—WRONG! It’s a complete waste of does absolutely nothing to increase your credit scores...and, quite frankly, if a lender tells you to do this, it’s probably a sign they’re going to rip you off!

If your credit scores are over 700—you have perfect credit and will get the best rates and offers—WRONG! Fact is, there is no “magic” credit score. A “perfect” score is the one that gets you the best deal for the product or service you want. Every industry has it’s own “perfect” score.

√ Always pay off your credit accounts early—WRONG! There are situations where, if you pay off a credit account early, your credit scores will decrease. Find out which accounts you should not pay off early.

If you were to follow all the “expert” advice (myths) above, your credit scores would take a nosedive! That’s why an entire section of the program addresses everyday credit mistakes that Consumers make. The program reveals the most common myths and mistakes and shows you how to avoid them.

Once you stop making these mistakes with your credit—Your scores have no choice but to go up!

Before you know it, you’ll be trading in your used car for a new one, start house shopping in nicer neighborhoods, you’ll finally be able to take the vacation you’ve been talking about forever.

Just by following a few simple steps laid out for you, many Consumers have gone from being scared to even apply for a credit card (knowing they’d be denied) to using their newfound credit to finance a new business.

There are little known secrets that will let you save tens of  thousands of dollars on major purchases you make with credit...

Whether you’re shopping for a car or home, there’s valuable advice that will help you get the best deals. For example...

You can sign up for the Introductory Training for only $1 (One dollar). 

How to buy a car—even if your credit is bad—Well, to be honest, this strategy doesn’t work 100% percent of the time, but when it does, it can easily save you thousands of dollars off the cost of a new or used car.

The truth about credit report monitoring services—These services usually have names like “Fraud Alert,” “Credit Protect,” or “Fraud Protect.” The problem is, almost all the credit report monitoring services monitor only one report. But you have three credit reports.But, we’ve got a solution for this too.

How to potentially save thousands of dollars on your next major purchase—We consider this the “getting your ducks in a row” strategy. This strategy can greatly help you quickly increase your credit scores right before you’re about to make a major purchase on credit (this way your credit scores will be high and you’ll get offered a lower interest rate).

PLUS...You’ll get specific instructions to get your Official Credit Reports for FREE.

A step-by-step guide on "Real Fico Scores"—avoid worthless Fake Scores!

If you know your scores are low, or you’ve been denied credit in the past—you’ll learn dozens of methods for increasing your scores so you can start getting approved for the lowest interest rates.

And if you already have good credit scores, you’ll learn how to maintain your scores and even increase them so you’re guaranteed the absolute best deals, often reserved for only top tier clients.

What’s all this going to cost?

Think about it...just one tip or strategy you learn from this Program will easily save you a few thousand dollars on your next car loan...will easily knock $100 or $200 off your monthly car payment...will easily save you $350 or more a month on your home mortgage.

Add to these obvious savings, the fact that you cannot find all of this information in any other single source or product, or if you were to find a legitimate credit scoring expert and hire her or him to help you improve your credit and increase your credit scores, you would have to pay thousands of dollars over many months or even years.

Enroll in in the Increase Your Credit Scores—Improve Your Lifestyle Training Program and quickly discover how to increase your FICO credit scores for only $599. You can even break down your purchase into three monthly payments of only $199.67 each if you wish. And best of all…

You can sign up for the Introductory Training for only $1 (One dollar). 

If you determine that the Life Changing Training is just not for you, we will even refund the $1.00.

When you consider that avoiding just one mistake presented in the course can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars each month on your mortgage or car payments—this Credit Score Enhancement Program is an incredible bargain. It’s even less than what you’ll save on just three-monthly car payments by using this information.

And by examining the Increase Your Credit Scores—Improve Your Lifestyle Training Program, you have nothing to lose except your low credit scores—because everything comes with a...

Why work harder to make more money, when all you have to do is increase your credit scores?

With the secrets you'll learn through this program, you’ll be able to lower your car payments...and any payments for which you are paying interest. 

You’ll always get approved for credit at the lowest rates and best terms. 

PLUS, you’ll never have to worry about someone looking at your credit scores, like an employer, or your insurance company, preventing you from getting what you want and need.

P.S. In this letter, I’ve shown you how you’ll pay LESS for your car, or home, or most anything that you buy on credit...But only when you increase your credit scores. 

So, why work harder...or get another job...or scrimp and save (that’s no fun)...when all you have to do are a few simple things to increase your credit scores...

The bottom line is, you’re going to buy a car whether you have high or low scores. 

And odds are, you’re going to try to purchase a home. 

Since you have to do all these things anyway, why not pay the absolute least amount of money for them? And the BEST way to do that is to increase your credit scores the way you'll learn in this Program.